Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Services

Our Goal

Maintaining alignment with our parent organization’s mission, we strive to support all members of our community, which includes adolescents, young adults, and adults.

Utilizing the best evidence-based treatment standards to support growth and wellness tailored to a specific group of participants.

We work together with all involved to support a community of wellness.

Group Of Happy Smiling Friends Sitting In A Row
Diverse group of teen and young adult women are sitting in a circle during a meeting or support group therapy session. Young women are listening to mid adult African American male advisor or counselor. Women are holding digital tablets or coffee while listening.

A Community of Care

Continuing Care is a place where family or special persons to the participant are encouraged to be involved in the process of learning the best skills used to cope with addiction and an unhealthy lifestyle. Our counseling staff consists of trained and experienced partners who will guide the participant and others toward proven habits to improve the lives of all involved.

Our Program

Each participant is thoroughly evaluated to help us understand the unique situation that brings them into Continuing Care. Our professional staff, together with the participant, will develop a treatment plan that outlines a specific course of action that targets a path toward accomplishing the necessary goals in supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Services include:

• Comprehensive assessment

• Individual treatment planning

• Addiction education

• Gender and age specific group processing

• Life skills groups


“Our Continuing Care Program is committed to providing consistent support and counseling services. We strive to include family or significant persons to the participant in the process, encouraging systemic change and future growth. ”

Walk-ins welcome for initial screening, or call (559) 222-5437 for a comprehensive assessment.