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Our Mission

Our mission is to serve abused and/or neglected children who have been removed from their homes and are in need of loving, nurturing and competent foster families. To recruit, train and support families interested in fostering children. To provide culturally sensitive services that reflect the goals and objectives of the placing agencies from which we receive referrals.

Our social workers will work to meet the needs of any child placed in foster care, support families who open their home to children and work with placing agencies as treatment plans are developed and implemented.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to see all children who have been removed from their homes reunified with their families. It is our goal to support the reunification process and transition children out of foster care when deemed safe and appropriate by the placing agency. We feel that all children deserve a home and a family who will love and nurture them. Should a child need the services of a foster home, we strive to provide the best out-of-home care possible until a more permanent plan can be achieved.